When your dog can’t climb the stairs or rise from the floor as they once did, it’s a sign that joint pain may be an issue — but don’t wait until things have gotten that bad.

Myristol has been specially formulated as an effective broad-spectrum supplement to support your dog’s joint health and help restore pain-free movement and flexibility.  It can also play an important prophylactic role to delay or eliminate the onset of arthritis. Especially in larger breeds prone to arthritis such as German Shepherds, Golden and Labrador Retrievers, Mastiffs and Great Danes, a program of diet and exercise and a high-quality supplement such as Myristol can help keep arthritis at bay.

Myristol isn’t just for dogs.  As cats get older, they are prone to problems of the joints that may affect their quality of life. Leaps that were once effortless become impossible, and even climbing stairs becomes an obvious chore. Myristol provides a broad spectrum approach to joint health, which means it combines all of the most effective ingredients into a palatable powder you can give your cat every day. For heavy or overweight cats, Myristol can have a prophylactic effect, protecting joints as they age.

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