Our Staff

Richard L. Boulette, DVM

After attending the University of Wyoming, Dr. Boulette was accepted to veterinary school.  He graduated with a DVM in 1987 from Colorado State University of Veterinary Medicine.  In 1989, he opened up Wind River Veterinary Services and has since provided exceptional care to small and exotic animals.

Dr. Boulette provides extraordinary attention to detail and will go above and beyond the call of duty to try and diagnose and treat you animal.  With 25 plus years of experience, Dr. Boulette can handle about any ailment or illness that walks into his clinic.  You can expect the utmost care and professionalism from Dr. Boulette.

Just come in and see for yourself… he is known to be caring, knowledgeable and very thorough. 

Matt Cook, DVM

After volunteering at the local shelters and humane societies in Idaho, Dr. Cook found his calling in veterinary medicine.  He graduated from Washington State University in 2012 and worked in Northern Idaho in a mixed practice for 3 years before moving to Lander.

In 2015, he decided to move closer to his parents and joined our practice in February of 2016.  Dr. Cook prides himself in giving each and every one of our patients the most excellent care they all deserve to continue living happy and healthy lives.  There is rarely a time you will not see Dr. Cook without an animal on a walk or getting loves in the waiting room or kennel.

Dr. Cook is a very generous man and volunteers his time to spaying/neutering all of the impounded dogs before going to there forever homes.  Rather than spending his lunch time eating or relaxing, Dr. Cook walks and plays with every impound and boarder.  He also bathes all of the impounded dogs shortly after they arrive.

When Dr. Cook is not spending time with the impounded or boarding animals, he will be found hiking the wonderful trails above Lander.  He is never alone though, he either has his 4 dogs or an impounded dog that just needs to burn off some energy.  His 4 dogs consist of Harold, Australian Shepard mix; Woodrow, Australian Shepard mix; Sophie, Border Collie mix; and Rose, Kelpie mix, all of whom are rescued dogs.  And we cannot forget his 2 rescued cats Miss Meow and Melvin.

Jake Hall, DVM

After graduating Washington State Veterinary Medicine in 2009, Dr. Hall opened up his own practice, High Country Veterinary Service to provide mobile veterinary care to large animals.  He also teamed up with Wind River Veterinary Services to provide small animal care on Fridays.

Dr. Hall grew up in Lander and has a commitment to lifelong learning, professionalism, and environmental consciousness, which are the cornerstones of High Country Veterinary Services.

Dr. Hall is proudly serving all of Fremont County. He is primarily a large animal vet and can handle just about any ailment or illness that your horse or livestock may have.

Dr. Hall has pets and horses of his own and sincerely understands the need for a timely and professional mobile veterinarian when health concerns arise.  He is a mobile vet you can trust!

You can expect the utmost care and professionalism from Dr. Hall.  He has a fully equipped mobile office which is always stocked and prepared with all of the tools and medications needed for treating and relieving your animal.

Feel free to call High Country Veterinary Services (349-5614) today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hall or to get emergency care for your horse or livestock.

You can also call on High Country Veterinary Services for emergencies 7 days a week. If your horse or other large animal needs emergency attention on a weekend, you can call and he will be more than happy to assist you!

Christine Wall, CVT

Christine was born and raised in Rock Springs.  Being a true animal lover, she always wanted a job working in a veterinary hospital and in May 2010, she earned her Associates in Veterinary Technology from Eastern Wyoming College.   Right after graduating, she took the national exam and became a Certified Veterinary Technician for the state of Wyoming.

She joined our team in January 2011 and in June 2012; she married her high school sweetheart in Lander.  Now, she spends her time with her husband, Kolten, daugter, Allison, and their 4-legged children; Nyssa, Staffordshire terrier mix; Walldo, German Shepard mix; Nurgle and Baku, Shiba Inus; Dia, gray calico. 

KaylaRae Lawrence, Veterinary Technician

Kayla was born in Lander and raised in Riverton.  In 2017, she graduated from Eastern Wyoming College with her veterinary assistant certificate.  Kayla joined our team in August 2017, as a veterinary technician.  She is 1 class away from earning her Veterinary Technician degree and certification.

As a veterinary technician, Kayla loves caring for our patients.  To accomplish that goal, she provides assistance to our doctors and technician as needed and maintains a safe and clean environment for both patients and staff. 

In her spare time, Kayla enjoys fishing, camping, and traveling with her friends and family.  She is an amazing cook and baker with a specialty in dog treats.  She currently lives with her 3 cats Spooky, Dusty, and Garfield; and 2 chiweenies QP and Tinker Bell.

Brenda Gordon, Office Manager

Brenda was born and raised in Idaho.  Brenda joined our team in August 2015.  As an office manager, Brenda is one of the first smiling faces or joyful voices you’ll encounter when you visit.  Brenda has always had quite a bit of compassion and empathy for animals.  She finds talking and building relationships with our clients and pets to be her favorite part of her job.

Her big smile, compassionate nature and gift for insight into the states of animals and their owners makes for a stress-free visit in situations that can sometimes be considered difficult. 

In her role at the clinic, your animal’s comfort and care are Brenda’s main priorities. Brenda shares her home with her family, her husband Jeff and their three boys it also consist of many furry and non-furry members.  Brenda enjoys spending time with her family and friends. 

Susan Wilson, Kennel Manager

Susan has been with the practice since it opened up providing exceptional care to all of the boarding cats and dogs.  Knowing that animals will receive the best possible boarding experience around, our long term clients are always glad to see Susan.

Besides being the kennel manager, Susan is responsible for making sure the clinic is spotless.  From the ceiling to the floor and everything in between, our clinic is one of the cleanest around.

From caring for the boarding animals to cleaning the clinic, you can trust in Susan to help with anything. 


After being hit by a car around July 3, 2017, he came to us with just damage to his right eye.  After no one claimed this extremely affectionate cat, we decided to keep him as a clinic cat.  Come to find out he is almost identical to our beloved and missed Ace, so we all believe he was sent by Ace to protect and love us.   

Ace – Our Beloved Ace

Ace was our oldest resident cat.  After being thrown from a moving vehicle, he was brought to the clinic in 2002.  After a rough beginning, he lived as a king expecting food when he wanted and all of the petting he could.  He was normally found on the receptionist counter or on the waiting room cushions waiting for loves.  Sadly, Ace crossed the Rainbow Bridge June 30, 2016 from cancer. 

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